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Crowd Funding Raffle

Crowd Funding Raffle

why are we doing this?

To celebrate my first collection selling out, I am thrilled to present a distinctive endeavor. Introducing a captivating crowd funding raffle showcasing a superb array of prizes valued at over $1500, generously contributed by esteemed artists, including myself.


I embarked on this courageous journey about 2 years ago, leaving my previous employment without substantial savings to pursue my passion full-time. This choice was driven not only by my unwavering dedication to my craft but also by the imperative need to prioritize my mental well-being after enduring years of continuous trauma and mental health challenges. Consequently, I have found myself living on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, equipped with tools that pale in comparison to those commonly possessed by novice metalsmiths.


Despite my relentless pursuit of grants, the opportunities for securing funding within the artistic community remain regrettably limited. Furthermore, I navigate this journey as a single woman, without the support of a partner or supplementary income. To sustain my endeavors, I devote every waking hour to my work, diligently managing all aspects of the business single-handedly.


By empowering me to create exceptional pieces, your generous support will not only enable me to elevate my craft but do it in a sustainable and ethical way. Together, let's break barriers and propel my artistic journey towards success. Join me on this empowering endeavor and help forge a brighter future for an artist striving to fulfill their potential.

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