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Tree Hugger Collection

Inspired by Trees, Hippie Folk Music, & Petrified Wood

The Tree Hugger Collection is, "i guess the word is inspired, thats what people say when they make shit up," by my love of trees, hippie folk music, and petrified wood. More specifically, the songs on the "Tree Hugger Playlist" along with my first rockhounding experience. The songs played in chronological order tells the story of how i fell for hippie folk music. Most pieces in this collection will include pieces of petrified or opalized wood that I cut and polished myself.

Tree Hugger Collection: About

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Tree Hugger Playlist

This playlist is best described as an hour long podcast of my personality. It includes stories and songs, and is intended to be listened to in chronological order. 

I heard the first story on the playlist for the first time in high school. I shared the song with my then boyfriend who found it just as funny as I did. Not knowing the name of the album, I let him borrow the CD to listen to at home. The next day he told me his very conservative religious parents threw it away because they saw the name of the album, "Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables"...

"And that brothers and sisters is the touching story of how psychadelic drugs turned me from the score board watching jock that my dad was hoping for, into the tree hugging, peace loving, pot smoking, lazy ass hippie that stands before you."

Tree Hugger Collection: About
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