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Do you have a return policy?

We don't allow returns on custom orders, but we do on all other orders if something is actually wrong with the product. This is a piece of art and may be a little different than you imagined, but you have to take that risk when purchasing one of our products. There is a lifetime warranty on all products and you can send them back if the wire or chain metal is ever damaged to be fixed for free!

Do you take custom orders? What are your requirements for custom orders?

  • Currently, yes I am accepting custom orders through Instagram DM's or through email (

  • It has to be a stone I already have or you yourself have purchased

  • I will NOT copy another artist's work

What metals are used in your products

  • All metals used in projects are of excellent grade and have been sourced in a sustainable manner. Most products use .925 Sterling Silver, and occasionally we will use 14k gold.

  • Furthermore, all rope/cord used in any components or packaging is made from hemp, a biodegradable and environmentally beneficial alternative to synthetic cording.

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