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Resilient Little Thing Collection

“The resilience and fight it took these poppies to punch through the desert terrain…growth in unexpected and difficult areas.” Mandy Leed

This collection was inspired by the superbloom that happens at North Table Mountain in Northern California and the song "Superbloom" by Misterwives. The North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve (Konkow Native Land), which was formed by ancient lava (basalt) flows, is an elevated basalt mesa with spectacular vistas of spring wildflowers, waterfalls, lava outcrops, and a rare type of vernal pool known as Northern Basalt Flow Vernal Pools.

Typically, winter rains sink into fractures in the basalt, generating seasonal streams and waterfalls. However, the underlying basalt is impermeable to water in a few places, generating a temporary pool. Only special plants and animals adapted to this area will be able to survive when the rain stops. Thanks in part to cattle grazing, during years of ample rainfall we get to experience the phenomenon that is the Superbloom!!

"Resilient Little Thing just like mama made me." This song and the meaning behind it provided great comfort to me during a difficult life period. 

Every stone in this batch was purchased from a small batch lapidary artist with sustainability and quality in mind. Passing through little hands from the earth to you will be important in all my collections. Every part of this collection was created with the intention of making the pieces as meaningful as possible to you, as well as providing the happiness i feel in the outdoors when you look at your work of art. 

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